Marking Hundreds of Assignments

Big Challenge

The academic world is shifting towards online and distance learning. This trend started some years ago and received a massive boost due to COVID-19.

Due to technological advances and improved accessibility to computers, we anticipate universities will change the way they operate, including
teaching, learning and student-assessments. We address those academic needs by utilizing sophisticated software, providing tools to academic
institutions to keep in pace with real-life demands.

We utilize current technological advances to address academic needs.


The volume of assignments is going to increase, sharply.

We are pretty sure about it

Why are we quite sure about that? 

Research has shown that effective learning is not achieved by
requiring students to sit in front of a screen for hours upon hours*.
The likelihood is that professors will give students more assignments
and tasks to go, explore and research as a way of creating an
 effective learning experience.

As the world begins to understand new methods of students’ knowledge
evaluation are desired, together with modern trends of distance-learning
and limitations on current schooling methods due to COVID-19, assessors
are expected to be inundated with mountains of assignments for reviewing
and grading.

This increasing workload on assessors calls for a revolutionary change in
the tools academic institutions are utilizing to assess and evaluate student
performances. Moodle Learning Management System offers very basic marking
capabilities and the reality is that most assessors are forced to either download
or print assignments submitted in Moodle and go through a laborious process
 of marking those assignments offline. Obviously this method has an impact on
 the speed, attention, quality and feedback ETC that assessors are able to
dedicate to each assignment.

But there is a far better way for marking assignments in Moodle - its called:


Online Grading System​

Through years of intense collaboration with universities and colleges, we have developed an advanced LMS-based marking tool which seamlessly connects
directly into Moodle.

Not only can assessors mark assessments much faster, but provide the students with the rich feedback they deserve.

TomaGrade truly changes the status quo of
paper-based student evaluation.

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