Simple Digital Assessment Solutions for the Academic World

Secure end-to-end assessment platforms.

Online exam platform

Securely create, manage, and proctor online exams.

Online grading platform

Enhance and facilitate evaluation processes for digital and paper-based exams.

Secure & manage high-stake exams

Create and control secure exam flows.

Build & share better exams

Swiftly build and share exams using questions banks and smart wizards.

Integrate with any Learning Managment System

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Proctoring & Management

Manage and secure online home exams or campus exams.

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Grading & Better Feedback

Digitize, and manage the grading process from beginning to end.

Plagiarism Reports

Automatically validate the authenticity of any text

On-site scanning service

On-site exams scanning. The trained team scans, degitizes, and uploads graded exams to save time and human resources.

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Complete survey service

Fully-branded, mobile-ready survey types, templates and designs.

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Scramble, grades & stats

Ensure multiple-choice exam integrity through automatic scrambling.

We care about student privacy

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Why our customers love us

The system meets our strict security, confidentiality and data privacy standards. Including non-disclosure of data and exams to 3rd parties including Tomax’s employees.

Mr. Muli Zafrir
CDO/CIO, Haifa University

From day one we received positive feedback’s from TomaGrade’s users. Instructors enjoy using the system and the innovative tools offered in it.

Mr. Shai Cohen
CTO, Ashkelon Academic College

TomaGrade is fully adapted to the university’s needs. We like the innovation that TomaGrade brings to our institution.

Mr. Arye Arzi
VP Students, Bar-Ilan University

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