Take Your Exam Experience to a Whole New Level

Create, manage, share, secure and grade online & printed exams with an emphasis on simple, accurate and innovative work for all users.



Complete Assessments Platform

TomaVix makes it possible to manage the entire exam life cycle on a single platform with an emphasis on simple and
accurate work for all users.

Instructors can build the exam online and share their knowledge with other colleagues, administrators can follow the process and make sure all tasks are
completed, and students, they enjoy the option of conducting the exam on their personal device, or alternatively from the institution devices, and then get the results online.

Grade Exams Online

Simplifies, digitizes, and manages the grading process – from beginning to end.

Online & Offline Exams

Online platform for rapidly creating, improving, sharing, and storing exams.

Better Feedback

Giving learning engaging feedback Let automation do the repetitive grading work

Secure & Management

Ensure exam security and enhance productivity in the management and control of exams.

Statistics & Reports

Online Plagiarism report integrated to Moodle and other LMS systems.

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How it works?

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Online Exam Builder

Exams are uploaded, encrypted, and saved on TomaSafe’s secure, dedicated server. Only authorized users can gain access to the system and view exams.

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Annotation Tools

A user-friendly dashboard provides access to automated workflow, simplifies the performance of exam-related tasks, enables management
of priorities.

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Exam grades are recorded in the system – and graded exams are sent to the students as PDF files.

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Exams can be shared among multiple instructors. Alerts and reminders help maintain grading schedules.

We care about
student privacy

Learn more about our strict policy

We care about
student privacy

Learn more about our strict policy

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

Mr. Muli Zafrir

CDO/CIO, Haifa University

The system meets our strict security, confidentiality and data privacy standards. Including non-disclosure of data and exams to 3rd parties including Tomax’s employees.

Mr. Shai Cohen

CTO, Ashkelon Academic College

From day one we received positive feedback’s from TomaGrade’s users. Instructors enjoy using the system and the innovative tools offered in it.

Mr. Arye Arzi

VP Students, Bar-Ilan University

TomaGrade is fully adapted to the university’s needs. We like the innovation that TomaGrade brings to our institution.

Some of our Happy Clients