What is TomaVix?

TomaVix is a digital solution that makes it possible to create, manage, secure and grade online & offline exams on a single platform, with an emphasis on simple, accurate and innovative work for all users.


Exams can be built online independently, easily and efficiently, which results in a successful outcome and high-level exams.


Manage and monitor exam tasks & statuses with automatic alerts.


Students can take the exam In the usual and traditional way
(paper-based) or on a personal device.


Real time monitoring, indication on the exam integrity and communication with students during the exam.


Grade online using our innovative grading tools and provide reliable, high-quality and faster feedback.


The platform is optimized for integration with the institution's LMS system.

How TomaVix Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Manage the Process on a Single Platform
- Save on Administration Costs
- Online Monitoring
- Maintain Exam Integrity

Asset 5Instructors


- Collaborate & Share Knowledge
- Improved Exam Quality
- Secure Access from Anywhere
- Save on Travel Time and Costs

Asset 4Universities


- Improve Learning Process
- Enjoy Better feedback
- Reduce Stress Level

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

I’ve been teaching online courses from abroad, because of the scanning, checking the exams was so easy and convenient, and the main plus was that the students didn’t have to pay the price because I was at the other end of the world

Karen Lee

With TomaGrade I don’t need to adjust my life to the exams period. I can use the system from anywhere, it makes everything easier

Martin Wassermann

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Build high-level exams online

2 Manage all stages of the process in one secure place

3 Grade online and publish rapid results with high-quality feedback

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