What is TomaSurvey?

TomaSurvey is an end-to-end survey service that handles the full survey cycle for colleges and universities.


The comprehensive service includes survey design, distribution, reminders, collection, thank-yous, and analyses.


A wide variety of fully-branded, mobile-ready survey templates are available. They include multiple choice, open-ended, rating, and many other types of questions – carefully phrased and simply designed to achieve maximum participation.


Flexible, anytime/anywhere digital distribution is combined with the performance benefits of manual surveys to optimize reach and participation.


Detailed, fully customized reports including statistical analyses deliver valuable information. The TomaSurvey service seamlessly integrates with Moodle LMS.


Powerful insights resulting from this data can lead to increased student satisfaction, improved courses, and stronger appeals to alumni.


The privacy of the participants, a key concern, is ensured by total anonymity – which encourages candid feedback and boosts response rates.

How TomaSurvey Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Save time
- Simplify administrative processes and reduce workload
- Gain insights regarding student and alumni attitudes
- Improve quality of courses

Asset 5Instructors


- Receive statistical analyses of surveys
- Gain insights for increasing student satisfaction
- Improve course evaluations
- Deepen understanding of student attitudes

Asset 4Universities


- Enjoy increased opportunities to express opinions anonymously
- Influence campus policies
- Improve courses
- Participate anytime from anywhere

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

Answering a survey using TomaSurvey is more approachable which makes our students cooperate, And we get better results

Michael Fox

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Inform Tomax about your survey requirements

2 Discuss design options and preferences

3 Sit back and receive the results

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