What is TomaScan?

TomaScan is an end-to-end scanning solution that streamlines student exam reviews and appeals.


The TomaScan on-site hub is equipped with today’s most advanced hardware and software, and managed by trained and dedicated Tomax personnel.


Graded exams are quickly scanned and uploaded, enabling immediate online access and review by students.


The appeals process is digitized and streamlined. Online contact with students is simplified.


The need for the physical transfer of exams by instructors, or face-to-face meetings with students, is significantly reduced.


Integration with the administration’s systems enables an analysis and, where needed, improvement of workflow processes, enabling savings in time and costs.


The system creates both a physical and online archive of exams, accessible in a single location.

How TomaScan Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Save on Administrative Costs
- Improve Administrative Processes
- Increase Student Satisfaction
- Implement Latest Technologies

Asset 5Instructors


- Reduce Face-to-Face Student Meetings and Physical Transport of Exams
- Review Appeals Online, from Anywhere
- Contact Students Directly, Online
- Easily Access Digital Archive of Current and Past Exams

Asset 4Universities


- Rapidly Access and Review Exam Grades and Instructors’ Comments
- Initiate Appeals Process Online
- Communicate Online with Instructors
- Access Current and Past Exams from One Location

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

TomaScan reduce our workload. we don’t need to schedule meetings, everything is done online, and most important the students are satisfied

Ort Hermelin

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Deliver exams to the TomaScan on-site hub

2 Inform students of online availability of graded exams

3 Access archive of all current and past exams

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