What is TomaSafe?

TomaSafe is a cutting-edge system that utilizes advanced technologies to ensure exam security
and enhance productivity in the management and control of exams.


Exams are uploaded, encrypted, and saved on TomaSafe’s secure, dedicated server. Only authorized users can gain access to the system and view exams.


Security is maintained with various technologies, including SSL, 2-step authentication, and One-Time Passwords sent via SMS to authorized users phone numbers.


All exams, reports, statistics, and related data are stored on a single, unified platform, with backup, search and retrieval capabilities as well as a full auditing trail.


Unique templates allow the creation of parameters and guidelines for relevant roles, establishing standardized structures.


A user-friendly dashboard provides access to automated workflow, simplifies the performance of exam-related tasks, enables management of priorities, and allows direct communications between administrative staff and faculty via an internal messenger.


Faculty is automatically alerted regarding deadlines for submission and approval of exams.

How TomaSafe Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Secure Exams, Prevent Unauthorized Access
- Manage and Monitor Status of All Exams on Single Platform
- Use Advanced Search Options for Reports and Statistics
- Save Time and Costs by Eliminating Reminder Calls to Faculty

Asset 5Instructors


- Enjoy Complete Exam Security
- Perform All Workflow Processes on Single Platform
- Communicate Directly with Administration Online
- Search and Access Exams, Reports, and Statistics 

Articles and Case studies

TomaSafe solution is already implemented in dozens of institutions.
In this section we will present case studies and articles relating to the solution and its implementation in institutions of higher education.

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

Using TomaSafe is an upgrade. Everything is computerized, organized and in one platform.

Dana Adari

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Send exams to the Tomax secure, dedicated server

2 Use dashboard to manage exam processes and create guidelines and alerts

3 Enjoy automated workflow and standardized structures

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