TomaSafe Case Study

TomaSafe by Tomax-

A complete solution for securing, managing and controlling exams.

Gordon academic College started using TomaSafe solution after years of managing all the exam process manually.

Efficiency and Improvement is the main goal.

Gordon Academic College is one of the oldest and biggest teacher training academic institutions in the country, its academic faculty includes Senior academics and educators.Gordon Academic College vision is to train leading educators, teachers, and leaders to promote learning, research, innovation, and excellence and to address educational and social challenges in the 21st century.In a survey conducted in 2016. The college ranked first in the quality of teaching, among all teacher training colleges in Israel, and in the top ten of all institutions of higher education in the country. According to the survey, which included 11,000 Israeli students, the college also ranked first in the field of integration of learning technologies in teaching.Ever since the college was established in 1953, the exams process was managed manually.Eynat Adari the head of the Exams Department at Gordon College, decided to run differently.She understood the need to make things more efficient. Once she heard that Tomax has an online solution for managing the exams process, she knew she had to try it.

From manual process management to Advanced Technology

Gordon Academic College decided to make changes two years ago.Managing the process manually was a complicated task.
At that time, the main software the department used was Excel, and the sensitive documents, such as unpublished exams and student grades were stored in a local computer.
In addition, the contact between the instructors and the department was based on email and phone calls.It wasn’t easy to get instructors to send the exams files on time, do follow-ups on the received files and organize all the papers.

“This is a very efficient and   
  convenient system that
  significantly shortens processes”

Dr. Shay Rudin

TomaSafe is an online solution which makes life easier for the Exams Department and the instructors.The system makes semester exams period simpler, everything is in one platform.All the work is very organized, there is an option to sort the exams by categories.
The knowledge that the system is secured reduces the level of stress. The connection with the instructors is mainly through the system.TomaSafe displays all the exams by their dates, in case of an urgent exam (the duo date is in less than a week) and the process is not closed yet, the system marks the exam to the department and alerts the instructors by sending text messages and e-mails. 
All the process is managed in one secure platform, to access the system you need to identify yourself. There are no papers around, not a chance of something disappearing or any exam file reaching the wrong hands.

“I don’t need to ‘chase’ the instructors any more, all the information is in one organize and score platform”
Eynat Adari head of the exams department

Looking forward to the future

TomaSafe solution was proved to be a very significant upgrade in Gordon Academic College.It reduces the amount of work in the Exams Department, and it makes life easier for the instructors by getting alerts and being updated on the exam status all the time.Any idea and request regarding the improvement and adjustment of the solution is discussed between the College and Tomax, in order to find the easiest and best way to make sure that it will serve the College in the best way.