What is TomaMix?

TomaMix is a sophisticated system that scrambles both questions and answers of multiple-choice exams, creating a different version for each student.


The TomaMix system automatically creates multiple scrambled versions of exams, according to the number of students scheduled to take the exam.


Lecturers can add bonus questions, delete questions, and add points for specific questions or for the entire exam.


Utilizing today’s most technologically-advanced systems, both questions and answers are scrambled.


Completed answer sheets are scanned, checked, graded, and returned to the lecturer.


In addition to the automatic grading process, a semi-automatic QA is also performed by trained Tomax personnel, who check for any unclear answers.


Lecturers receive detailed reports regarding the level of the exam, question quality, and data highlights that require special attention.

How TomaMix Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Save on Administrative Costs
- Improve Exam Reliability by Reducing Cheating
- Increase Student Satisfaction
- Implement Latest Technologies

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- Reduce Workload
- Raise Level of Exam Integrity
- Improve Exam Quality
- Enable Rapid Review by Students

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- Get Exam Results Fast
- Quickly Review Incorrect Answers
- Save Time on Meetings with Lecturers
- Be Confident of Fairness of Exam

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

One of our main goals is to reduce cheating during the examination process. With TomaMix we get to reduce cheating and save time

Talia Fisher

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Transfer copy of multiple-choice exam to Tomax

2 Receive and distribute scrambled versions and collect answer sheets

3 Receive graded exams and detailed reports

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