What is TomaBank?

TomaBank is a cutting-edge system for building high-quality exams in minutes, using an expanding repository of stored questions.


Exams are uploaded and stored on the secure TomaBank platform. Multiple language support is available and customizable.


A continuously expanding repository of questions is created, that also functions as an online backup.


New, high-quality exams can be quickly created either automatically using TomaBank’s Smart Wizard or via manual question selection – or by using a combination of the two.


Questions and exams can be uploaded and shared by multiple instructors, with this combined expertise contributing to improved exam quality.


Advanced features include full text searches, drag and drop of selected questions, multiple question types, question repetition prevention, and standardized exam formats.


Instructors can create their own tags, adding an unlimited number of parameters and statistics to any question or exam – including specific topics, types of questions, number of questions, level of difficulty, date of last use, required or optional – and questions can be added or removed at any time.

How TomaBank Can Help YOU!


Universities & Colleges

- Save administrative costs
- Reduce instructor workloads
- Improve quality of exams
- Create repository of all exams on one, secure platform

Asset 5Instructors


- Save time, reduce workload
- Improve quality of exams
- Share questions and exams with other instructors
- Gather valuable statistics

What Happy Instructors Are Saying

Creating an exam with TomaBank is a whole different experience, there is less options to make mistakes,
a range of questions in all difficulty levels, and most important, it significantly shortens the exam preparation time and improves the quality of the exam.

Yossi Stern

Getting Started is SO Simple!

1 Upload exam questions or select desired exam parameters

2 Search repository according to selected tags

3 Create exam automatically, manually, or in combination

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